Our Core Values


Success is fun, but should not be a resting place. We aim to develop continuously and still learn more. We intend setting up funds every year for courses and conferences and other professional refills, and we therefore promise good results. When the goals are reached, bonus will be awarded, in the form of bonus trips. Annual events will be held where many will be celebrated and awarded according to nomination criteria set by WEBARTER.

For us, precision is about quality first and foremost. It must be quality in the work we do, whether we deliver high-quality codes or help users who need customer service. We will be well prepared. We shall be clear in our communication. And we shall be punctual. We take precision so literally that we will meet exactly for meetings.

WEBARTER intend to recruit and to maintained highly skilled brains in both technology and customer service. The aim is to make employee satisfaction a cardinal responsibility of the company. Four weeks of paid holidays will be a part of the package employees will enjoy. Every employee will be given a free room to share ideas and competencies that can make WEBATER a world class market place.

When we strive to constantly perform better, we will do it with humor. We know that a good laugh improves working life. That is why we have a casual and unpretentious turnaround. And the management is heartfelt. The team in WEBARTER will play football together. Play tennis together, go on excursions, hold monthly outings etc. A good mood is will also be expressed daily by a daily fresh fruit machine at the desk in WEBARTER's open landscape. WEBARTER employees will be good at luring laughter which is good.

We will recognize ourselves in our values ​​as we live on them every day. Ceiling height is important to us, and it's a lot about having the opportunity to try and fail, and that there should be room for different opinions. We are constantly working on exciting and new products, and innovation and innovation are central to our daily work. We have an innovation department that challenges us to strive for higher heights.


Africa’s largest marketplace, webarteronline.com limited was established in September 2017. WEBARTER specializes in advertising and services. We provide a huge marketplace for individuals and companies to buy and sell. 
At webarteronline.com you can search for almost anything from furniture, electronics, hotels, guest houses, cars, rentals, restaurants, jobs, finance, travel and more.

On a normal, various ads are available at webarteronline.com at any time. People from all over Ghana and the West African sub region sell products and services with us. In addition to being inspiring and entertaining, it is very important for us that the service is safe to use. We have therefore established a safety center with precautions for safe trading on the Internet.

Safety at Webarteronline.com

Webarteronline.com is owned by Koinonia Group of companies. The company is headed by Yandam Ariel L Sillim as CEO.
The company has four corporate values; hunger, precision, ceilings and mood, and we seek to have high employee satisfaction through various forms of packages including paid holidays.
Webarteronline.com is visited by a huge number of people every month, and most of them are buyers and sellers looking for a good and enjoyable trade. And while everyone has an independent responsibility for the way they act when they advertise or are in contact with other WEBARTER users, we always try to make sure that most of the deals are done without any problems and in a good tone. This is how we work:
A dedicated customer service
WEBARTER's customer center is available 7 days a week and consists, inter alia, of a separate security team that examines tips, answers questions from users and follows on abnormal activity on webarteronline.com. In addition to our own expertise, we also get good help from many dedicated users with special expertise ranging from pirated binoculars to illegal activities.

Anti-fraud systems
WEBARTER has developed its own security systems that stop most of the fraud attempts before reaching our users. The most important system is ad control, where many ads per day go through both a technical analysis and a manual review to ensure that the ads are in accordance with our advertising rules. We also have message control, as well as various support systems that help with risk assessments and to keep unwanted people away from our services.

The vast majority of fraud attempts can be avoided by common sense and, in order to help our users, we have developed Safe Online Trading Guidelines, which provide advice and tips on how to shop safely at WEBARTER. We also have separate help pages describing different fraud methods, so they can easily recognize these, and also deal with specific fraud warnings as needed. To ensure that information reaches all, we are active in traditional and social media, as well as our Customer Center is an important information channel.

WEBARTER cooperates with a large number of actors to ensure that we have accurate and up-to-date information when making decisions. Particularly important is cooperation with government agencies such as police, customs, consumer authorities, Food and Drugs Board to detect criminal offenses and to ensure that the advertisements in WEBARTER comply with laws and regulations. We also have contact with private parties to clarify matters, for example, when trademark owners help us reveal pirates that are advertised as real items on WEBARTER.

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