The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service on Social Media

Campion December 6, 2019

The Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service on Social Media

Increasingly social media is being used a vehicle for customers and businesses to communicate. Although in some ways it’s advantageous and valuable to use social media to have conversations with your customers, it seems that some communication is more beneficial than others.
One often questioned aspect of customer and business interactions on social media is customer service. In fact 47% of customers in the U.S. prefer using social media for customer service over other methods. However, while customers may enjoy divulging their issues or questions about your company on Twitter or Facebook, as a merchant this many fill you with dread. So we are providing a list of the do’s and don’ts of customer service on social media so that you can do it with confidence and style.

Do respond to complaints & compliments
Of course on social media you are going to get a mixture of complimentary comments, questions and queries and just people looking to grumble. Even if you’d rather ignore the bad and push up the good it’s essential that you make sure you respond to an assortment of all comments both good and bad.
Responding to varying comments keeps customers assured that you are actually reading and enjoying comments from both sides. Also if you just continuously respond to just either positive or negative comments, it can become one sided giving an impression that you are either ignoring any possible complaints or being quite a downer by just responding to complaints. So mixing it up will make your customer service look particularly good and aware of your customers wants and needs.

Address, Don’t Answer
Although some questions and complaints can be easily rectified for customers on social media it isn’t always best to do this. Trying to explain and rectify a problem within a couple of sentences doesn’t look particularly great within your social media feed and also could catch more attention to the post. Instead it’s best to address the customers issue with a simple answer thanking them for getting in touch. Then give them your email, contact details or the appropriate information to contact you so you can deal with it one to one, away from inquisitive eyes.
Doing this avoids long drawn out back and forth’s and extra queries that will fill your Facebook and Twitter feeds up. It will also help satisfy your customers better as they will feel you are giving them a special treatment and personalized service.

Be honest & sincere
Social media can be a scary place for merchants and marketers. Any misstep or dishonest sentence could be potentially twisted, altered and taken as a slight on the customer. Therefore when answering consumer queries and complaints it’s best to be honest and sincere. Don’t try to conceal or place blame elsewhere. Instead it’s advised to apologize and say exactly what you intend on doing.
In fact, being transparent about errors and mistakes on social media can make customers trust your company more as they see you recognize a problem and are willing to fix it.

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