Make an Impact on your Product Pages in just 15 Minutes a Day

Campion December 14, 2019

Make an Impact on your Product Pages in just 15 Minutes a Day

We are going to highlight a way for you to start compounding the effectiveness of your product pages in just 15 minutes a day.

1. Make Your Product Images Pop
Having product images that pop is the most essential part of a product page. As your products are online and cannot be touched, images is the most important way for customers to gauge whether this product is right for them. Therefore, having clear and attractive images that make customers say “Oh, I want that!” is something eCommerce stores should aspire to get right.

2. Write Compelling Copy
Images draw in customers in but copy makes them buy and so many stores have copy that’s just meh… No effort or imagination has gone into their product descriptions and it reads like a dud. However, amazing product descriptions can turn even the most indecisive customer into a cart filler.
When writing copy about your products, be creative and make your products sound interesting and enticing so that customers get excited about what the product they are reading about.

3. Give Customers Product Information
I’m always shocked by the amount of stores that don’t give me the nitty, gritty product information that I want. Information about what products are made of, what the dimensions are, where the products are made; customers want to know the specifics so that they have reassurance that they are buying the right product. Just adding a simple list of specific product information could elevate your product pages and make customers so much more informed when buying your products.

4. Make it Easy to Share
Product Pages shouldn’t just be there to show your products to customers, it should act as a way to enable customers to market your product. To make the most of this every product page should have social media buttons that allow customers viewing the products the ability to share and get other people seeing your products.

5. Embrace Customer Reviews
Customers like seeing customer reviews. They are a massive influencer on customers purchase decisions. In fact stores that include them on average experience an increase of 20% in sales. We’ve written a whole post about how great they are for your store. However, even though reviews have proven to be so good for eCommerce stores, so many of them don’t use them. Putting reviews on your product page helps your brand build trust and makes a customer think your product is worth buying.

6. Make room for the boring but essential info
A massive amount of customers simply do not buy due to lack of sufficient information. They want to know about returns, warranties, shipping costs and all of the boring stuff that will reassure their apprehensions. I find that on product pages this information is often a rarity with brands making no effort to help customers figure these important questions out. Although it might not be the most glamorous information, it sells products so why not include whatever information you can so customers are clear about the buying process.

7. You might also like…
Finally, product pages are often treated as the finishing point for customers. Stores think that if they get customers there, then they have won. But why stop there? Customers being on a product page should be treated as a way to get an interested customer to buy more. Cross-selling and up-selling products is a must on product page as it’s an invaluable opportunity to increase the size of customer’s baskets.

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