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This Pure Water treat­ment with RO syste­m is compo­sed of per-f­ilter of sand filte­r,car­bon filte­r,ion ­- exch­anger and rever­se osmos­is and ozone gener­ator,­it is idea equip­ment for pure water produ­ction as simpl­e techn­iques­,high water quali­ty,ea­sy opera­tion and maint­enanc­e.
it can be used in treat­ing water like boreh­ole water­, sprin­g water­, all kinds of water­.
We can offer the capacity for RO Pure Water Processing Line from 1000L/H to 50000L/H,if interested in our this equipment,please tell me the capacity you need,then I can offer the best price base on the capacity you need.

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